You are reading the documentation for an outdated Corteza release. 2022.9 is the latest stable Corteza release.

Corteza Overview


Secure, Sovereign and Private Cloud Productivity

Corteza is a self-hosted cloud platform for your work. The core of Corteza consists of a low code environment (like Salesforce Lightning) for rapidly and securely delivering records-based management solutions. In particular, Corteza has already delivered feature complete alternatives to Salesforce CRM and Salesforce Service Cloud. The Corteza platform also includes Enterprise Messaging (like Slack) and a Unified Workspace for building and accessing your software ecosystem.

Free Forever, Modern and Developed with all Organisations in Mind

Corteza is and will always be free and open source software, developed in a Foundation context. Built predominantly in Golang (backend) and Vue.js (frontend)m delivered as a cloud-friendly architecture and inspired by market-leading UX, Corteza is for any organisation that values control of their critical software infrastructure and data.

Compatible with your Favourite Services

Corteza is outward looking, supporting mass adopted protocols and standards. It embraces market leading and popular technology and delivers a secure platform from which to engage with it. Choose the third party software ecosystem your organisation needs to operate smoothly and manage its access from within Corteza .


100% Trustworthy

Corteza aims to be indisputably trustworthy in its motivations and in its approach to design, development and maintenance of the platform. Organisations should feel that their chosen digital work platform is always under their control, always protected and always developed in their best interests.


Authentication makes heavy use of the OpenID Connect Protocol (OIDC). “Login with Google” and “Login with Github” are enabled by default. However, the backend support for OIDC is extensive. For more information, see (reference)

Authentication can also be extended to include support for the DAASI Didmos Suite, which includes support for the PrivacyIDEA suite of Multi-factor Authentication protocols.

Access Control

Corteza includes a fine-grained RBAC (Role-Based Access Control) system. Role creation is unlimited with users being able to inhabit multiple roles simultaneously, if required. Permissions can be set for across the full spectrum ranging from general access to field level read and update activities for individual fields.


Corteza is server based software, consisting of a range core services including the various Corteza web applications. For more information see Architecture Overview.

Currently, Corteza supports MySQL (Percona 8.0) by default. MySQL will continue to be supported, but will be replaced as the default databased by PostgreSQL during 2020. is supported for high performance object storage.

ELK from Elastic is supported for log storage.

Core Development

Corteza is developed entirely in the public domain. The repository can be found here.


By default, Corteza deploys as a monolithic package and is based on Docker. However, individual services can be split out for purposes of delivering a highly scalable platform, if required.


Corteza can be customized in three ways:

  • Building new configurations or changing existing ones in the Low Code feature.

  • Adding new business logic via the Automations feature.

  • Adding entirely new backend or frontend features via the public repository