Corteza Guides

Interested about Corteza?

Check out the product’s overview to get a better understanding of what it is and who it is for!

Do you want to know how to use Corteza?

Check out the end-user guide. Its designed for non-techy people so it is easily understandable! It covers all the available features and shows you how to use them.

Responsible for system setup and administration?

Check out the administrator guide. It covers provides you all the important information from system deploy to maintenance and administration.

Creating solutions based upon Corteza?

Check out the integrator guide. It provides you all the knowledge to build amazing things from scratch!

Want to contribute?

Check out the developer guide. It provides you enough insight into the low-level aspects of the products to help you get started. If you’re stuck, don’t hesitate to get in touch with us!

Looking for an official Corteza extension?

Check out the extensions to see if we have something to fit your needs. Nothing fits? Check out the integrator guide to build one yourself!

Prefer to learn from examples?

Check out our examples to help you get started building amazing things!

Want to learn about new features and contribute to their development?

Check out our RFC list to get involved!