You are reading the documentation for an outdated Corteza release. 2023.3 is the latest stable Corteza release.


Extension terminology


A collection of automation scripts, corresponding libraries and other assets,

Script or Automation Script

Combination of automation triggers, meta data and the code itself,

Client scripts

Automation scripts executed within a client’s browser,

Server scripts

Automation scripts executed inside the Corredor server,

Triggers or Automation Triggers

A set of rules, constraints and options to define when, where and how an automation script is executed,

Resource Type

Defines the resource that this automation script is compatible with. It also defines the input and output of the automation script,

Event Type

Defines what event causes this automation script to execute. For a full list of event types and availability based on the defined resource see @todo…​

Trigger constraints

A set of constraints that must be truthy in order for the automation script to be available and executable,

Trigger weight

Allows us to specify the order of automation script execution for the given event,

User interface properties or UIProps

Determine front-end aspects of the automation script invocation component; such as placement, label and color (see UIHooks),

Explicitly triggered or manual scripts

Automation scripts that are executed explicitly, such as a button press or an API endpoint call,

Implicitly triggered scripts

Automation scripts that are executed implicitly as a collateral to an event, such as record creation and form submission,

Deferred or scheduled scripts

Automation scripts that are executed at a specified time or on a configured interval,

Batch or iterator scripts

Automation scripts that are executed over a larger set of resources at the same time (used for batch processing).

Sink scripts

Automation scripts that are executed on HTTP requests and allow implementation of new endpoints,

Event bus

Event handling system inside client web applications and on the server,


Define a front-end components that is used to execute explicit (manual) automation scripts (see UIProps).