You are reading the documentation for an outdated Corteza release. 2023.9 is the latest stable Corteza release.


Corteza Server

  • Refactored how application (server, cli tools) is started to allow more modular service initialization.

  • Improved security when using Corteza CLI.

  • Improved input handling when managing settings from CLI.

  • Improved automation script triggering with eventbus package.

  • Improved scheduled & deferred automation with scheduler package.

  • Upgraded all internal automation logic.

  • Added code generator for events.

  • Implemented event triggering (through eventbus) on, before and after all core points (resource creation, update, delete, login etc).

  • More robust automation script triggering through REST API endpoints.

  • Cleanup, refactor application options.

  • Added tools that allow exporting of old automation scripts.

  • Added ability to serve frontend code bundles.

  • Routed sink & mail events via new eventbus.

  • Added client/server certificates for gRPC (experimental).

  • Allowed automation scripts to return full response objects (body, headers) on sink requests.

  • Supported bulk record removal.

  • Used cortezaproject/corteza-ext instead of cortezaproject/corteza-config for initial provisioning.

  • Full implementation of record value sanitization and filtering for all field types.

  • Enabled (previously experimental) private data (user’s email & name) masking.

  • Record exporting now includes system fields.

  • Improve stability (db, concurrent processes).

  • Better support for timezones.

  • Action (audit) log.

  • Support signature-in-path for sink endpoint.

  • Upgrade to go 1.14.

  1. Denis Arh

  2. Tomaž Jerman

Corteza Corredor Automation Server

  • Ported to TypeScript.

  • Added ability to bundle (via webpack) frontend scripts on the fly.

  • Scripts (code) is no longer transferd over the wire but stored on filesystem accessible by Corteza.

  • Restructured scripts (wraped in a method) to allow (unit) testing.

  • Added ability to install dependencies (through yarn) on the fly.

  • Improved ability to capture log output from scripts.

  • Added ability to load (3rd party) scripts as extensions and overload them if needed.

  • Improved input/output data encode/decode procedures.

  1. Denis Arh

  2. Peter Grlica

  3. Tomaž Jerman

Corteza Web applications (clients)

General changes:
  • Split corteza-webapp-common to corteza-vue and corteza-js and port most of the code to TypeScript.

  • Various minor UI improvements on all frontend clients.

  • Added support for new automation scripts on clients.

  • Added support for UI hooks (placeholders for buttons, generated from manual automation scripts).

Low Code changes:
  • Added ability to clone records.

  • Refactored page blocks & module field components.

  • Improved page grid rendering and UI.

  • Improved client-side record value validation.

  • Improved record-list block, add support for (multi) selection.

  • Improve page-block selector on page builder.

  • Mayor performance improvements (through Object.freeze).

  • Chart improvements, support for funnel and gauge types.

  • More powerful record list block.

  • Added Metric page block.

  • Added record browser tool for admins.

  1. Denis Arh

  2. Tomaž Jerman

  3. Jože Fortun

  4. Peter Grlica

  5. Mia Arh