You are reading the documentation for an outdated Corteza release. 2023.9 is the latest stable Corteza release.

Corteza One

Corteza One is designed to provide all of the available Corteza applications from a single user interface. It’s a modern, web-based unified workspace which helps you to be more comfortable and productive in your daily working life.


Panels allow you to split and rearrange your workspace to best suit your needs. You can display one or more applications (using multiple tabs) by clicking on one of the available applications.

Corteza One will remember your layout and selected applications.

To change the panel layout, hover over the panel menu in the top-left corner of your screen (the four squares) and select the layout that you wish to use.

If you open more than one panel, you can resize the panels by dragging the arrow icon in the centre of your screen.


Tabs allow you to show one or more applications inside any given panel — they work just like browser tabs.

To open a new tab, click on the plus icon (+) on the top of the panel. This opens the application selector menu where you can choose what application you wish to open. Click on the application to open it.

When you hove over an application, you will notice an arrow icon. Clicking on it will open the application in a new browser tab instead of the panel.

Depending on how your system is set up, you might already see some applications opened out of the box.


You can access your settings by hovering over the dropdown menu in the top right corner and clicking settings (next to the panel menu).

The Corteza profile setting allows you to view your information and change your password.

To change password, the user must enter the existing password, then enter the new password followed by one last confirmation entry of the new password.

Settings open in a new browser tab, so you can close it once you are done.