You are reading the documentation for an outdated Corteza release. 2023.9 is the latest stable Corteza release.

Integrator Guide

The integrator guide will help you with the process of creating applications using Corteza — the integration process.

You will receive enough knowledge about the system; the development and maintenance process to be a match for any integration.

If you can not access specific parts of Corteza, you don’t have sufficient permissions. Contact your system administrator.

Review the terminology

Before starting our journey, we strongly recommend you review our terminology.

It will help you keep up with what we are talking about, help you understand the system, and keep you consistent.

Overview the security system

Reviewing the security system will provide you with an overview of our access control system.

It will help with developing secure applications and defining role hierarchies.

Low Code configuration

The Low Code configuration is the first step of the integration; it defines the skeleton of your application (just like an HTML document represents the page structure). If the structure is lacking, future development will be challenging.

See the Low Code configuration section to get a good understanding on how you can define a good foundation for your application.

Define an extension

An extension is the second step of the integration; it defines the business logic of your application (just like a JavaScript document completes a web application).

See the extensions section to get a good understanding on how you can define a good extension for your application.

We also go into details for the most common questions:


Refer to resource events for a complete list of events your automation scripts can listen for.

Refer to resource constraints for a complete list of resource constraints you can use in your automation script triggers.


Use these samples as a starting point for your integrations; such as server script, and client script samples.

You can use this project configuration as a base for your extension. The sample project implements unit testing along with code coverage reports.