You are reading the documentation for an outdated Corteza release. 2023.9 is the latest stable Corteza release.



Corteza Server

  • Central importing and exporting subsystem "Envoy" with capabilities to resolve conflicts, dependencies and tak in various data formats.

  • Provisioning (based on Envoy) now allows full customization of content to be provisioned.

  • Field value expressions (formula fields, custom validators).

  • Resource labels (key-value meta data for filtering and tagging resource with arbitraty strings).

  • Frontend web applications can now be served directly from server (reduces number of containers).

  • API documentation (now as OpenAPI 3) is now served directly from server.

  • Upgrade to go v1.15.

  • Simplified architecture and internal cross-service comm (no more support for spearated builds for system, messaging and compose).

  • Error creation and handling now allows more verbosity and detail in dev and production mode.

  • Cleanup codegen tools and unified all codegen under one package and single strategy.

  • Replaced rebuild-on-change dev tool (realize) with gin (

  • Replace internal node.js dev tools for reloading (where not gin) with fswatch.

  • Moved and refactored RBAC package (was "permissions").

  • Rewritten store (repository) layer for flexibility.

  • Add support for PostgreSQL and MySQL.

  • SQLite3 in-memory replaces MySQL as a default database Corteza.

  • Removed organizations data structures, references and (db) tables.

  • Ported pkg/rh to pkg/filters, removed obsolete "repository-handler" code.

  • Moved from SQL based database migrations to code-based migrations.

  • Replace offset with key-based pagination.

  • Experimental support for federated compose records.

  • Experimental support for SCIM protocol.

Database tables (*_settings, *_permissions, sys_*) are renamed, merged and/or removed. Database schema upgrade is irreversible. Make sure you backup your data before doing an upgrade.

  1. Denis Arh

  2. Tomaž Jerman

  3. Jože Fortun

  4. Peter Grlica

  5. Urban Klinc


Version Description Contributors


Stability and performance update.

  1. Jože Fortun

  2. Denis Arh

  3. Peter Grlica