You are reading the documentation for an outdated Corteza release. 2023.9 is the latest stable Corteza release.


This is not a Low Code extension, but a library.


Unsplash is a third-party service that provides stock image assets. This extension implements an SDK to access the service.

To use the Unsplash client in production, you will need a production-ready Unsplash account.


To use the Unsplash extension:
  1. Obtain the UnsplashAPI production accessKey and secret.

  2. Place the extensions in a directory where it can be imported into an automation script.

  3. Initialize the Unsplash client.


// To use the Unsplash client, first import the client into the desired automation script
import Unsplash from 'unsplash/lib/'

// Next step is to initialize the Unsplash client with the `accessKey` and `secret`
const unsplashClient = new UnsplashClient(accessKey, secret)

// The client is now ready to accept querries, for example
const images = await{ query: 'Example', perPage: 10, page: 1 })

Available queries

search(query: '', perPage: 10, page: 1)

Fetches images that match the query base on the provided pagination data.

getPhotoByID(photoID: '')

Fetches the image under the provided Unsplash photoID.

Example response for images

  // Unsplash image ID
  preview: {
    // URL to original image
    // URL to regular sized image
    // URL to large size image
    // URL to the thumbnail size image
  author: {
    // Image author name
    // URL to the Unsplash author profile
  // Origin of the image
  origin: 'Unsplash',