You are reading the documentation for an outdated Corteza release. 2023.9 is the latest stable Corteza release.

Architecture overview

Major component or services in Corteza:
  • Frontend applications (WebApps)

  • Corteza server

  • Corteza Corredor server

Auxiliary services:
  • log storage,

  • error tracking,

  • email sending,

  • object storage,

  • data federation,

  • store layer.

Corteza libraries and utilities:
  • Corteza JS (NPM package) defines a set of libraries and utilities that are used across the entire Corteza ecosystem; from frontend applications to extensions.

  • Corteza Vue (NPM package) defines a set of Vue.js components that are used across Corteza frontend applications.

  • Corteza ext defines a set of Corteza extensions that are either stand-alone applications, or automation script utilities.

Frontend applications:
  • Corteza Auth handles all flows related to user authentication; such as sign-up, login, and password recovery.

  • Corteza Admin handles administration aspects of your Corteza instance; such as configuring settings, defining roles, and managing general permissions.

  • Corteza Low Code is a low-code development platform and allows creation of record-based business applications.

  • Corteza Messaging collaboration platform that allows teams to collaborate more efficiently and communicate safely with other organizations or customers.

  • Corteza One is a unified workspace to access and run third-party web and Corteza applications. Centralized access management from a single console enables administrative control over who can see or access applications.

Corteza architectural overview
Figure 1. The diagram outlines the entire system architecture.