Corteza Server

  • Upgraded to Go 1.16

  • Removed obsolete asset embedding and move to //go:embed

  • Corteza Workflow with support for Low Code / No Code

  • Messaging code and endpoints removed

  • Authorization server capabilities added

  • OAuth2 server with Authorization code and client credentials flows

  • Compose record federation now supports Activity Stream protocol

  • Codebase cleanup and removed With(ctx) anti-pattern

  • Pagination & sorting fixes

  • Added base support for document templating and rendering (HTML & PDF)

  • Added Envoy file encoders (export support)

  • Reworked Low Code record export using envoy

  • Fixed UserBeforeUpdate/UserBeforeDelete

Corteza Corredor automation server

  • With introduction of Corteza Workflow, CORREDOR_ENABLED setting (on Corteza server) is now disabled by default. So make sure you explictly enable it in your .env if you are using automation script

Corteza Web applications (clients)

  • Auth web application is now deprecated

  • Messaging application is now deprecated

  • Workflow UI with canvas for drawing complex flows and automation logic

  • Admin web application added support for template management.

  1. Jože Fortun

  2. Tomaž Jerman

  3. Denis Arh

  4. Mia Arh

  5. Peter Grlica