With Corteza 2023.9, we focus primarily on user interface and customization — both the user interface and data storage flexibility making Corteza easier to configure for a wide range of applications.

Corteza Studio

Corteza studio enables you to style user interfaces for all of our applications. It enables simple tweaks like changing the colorscheme or large modifications like swapping out the entire stylesheet. Corteza studio enables you to modify Corteza applications to better fit your brand guidelines.

DAL Schema Alterations

DAL schema alterations simplify the process of configuring custom storage solutions for your data. When we reworked our storage layer, we made it possible to store your records in dedicated tables or even databases. With 2023.9 we introduce an automated mechanism to alter the storage location for it to support the module definition.

UI Touchups

User interfaces were a big focus for the 2023.9 release; improving user experience when configuring and interacting with your application, as well as laying the groundwork for future releases.

  • Added tooltips to hint how to improve performance.


Released on: 2024.03.21

  • Added the option to access user information from User values in pages, charts, and record fields. The change was added to provide an easier way for the user to access their user data (1735).

  • Added support for User and Record fields to be exported/imported on the record list page block (7fc4ca9).

  • Added the option to open a link/route/record page in a new tab using Workflow prompts (1726).

  • Changed the flow of updating values in fields and page blocks to fetch the latest values after an update. The change was made to ensure fields and blocks are always up to date (1634).

  • Removed Nylass page block. The removal was made because Nylass stopped using the functionality implemented in Corteza (77169cf).

  • Fixed not being able to upload png file to an application in Admin (0456fe4).

  • Fixed not being able to make a copy of predefined CRM namespace (55a827a, 1729).

  • Fixed not being able to add a record in a duplicated CRM namespace because page layout wasn’t created when the namespace was cloned (1717).

  • Fixed workflow session list throwing internal errors when using postgres database. The fix was made properly omitting invalid/blank slices in filters (74031ca).

  • Fixed prompt submissions always being treated as Untyped by running a type resolution step before applying to the scope (772d03e).


Released on: 2024.02.26

  • Added the close button to all workflow prompts. The change was added to allow users to cancel workflows/prompts (3708ca9).

  • Fixed workflow record selector prompt dropdown appearing behind the prompt, rendering it unusable (27e142c).

  • Fixed required fields asterisk not being displayed next to the label of the field in record blocks (65832b4).

  • Fixed incorrect value applying to date and time record field when trying to remove an already set value (6fe0b8a).

  • Fixed unnecessary showing of stale data warning in Low Code while editing and loading a record (070e751).

  • Fixed Corteza refusing to start when upgrading with alterations to the default Low Code records schema. The fix was made by allowing alterations to be logged for the default schema but continue blocking them from being applied (b389d50).

  • Fixed warning message for no matching layout after saving a record that conflicts with visibility condition of that layout In some cases, the user wasn’t able to access any layout or was redirected to the list of namespaces (57a307e).

  • Fixed select inputs that were using the api for search (User, Workflow) did’t work properly (01bd594).

  • Fixed user list endpoint with empty userID parameter throwing an error on PostgreSQL (566ff41).

  • Addressed security vulnerabilities caused by dependencies across all web applications. This was done by upgrading packages to a more stable versions and removing unused dependencies causing vulnerabilities (5f890d9).


Released on: 2024.02.14

  • Added the ability to export record fields. The change was added to allow users to easily export record fields (3ed3b1e).

  • Added light and dark themes as well as the ability to set custom colors for theming variables. Added the option to set a branding color when configuring a page block, record field or reporter metric. The change was added to provide the user with more freedom to customize Corteza (1579, 1671).

  • Added missing Manage schema alterations translations in Admin’s System component permissions (82f21b7).

  • Added generic optimisations to the workflow execution engine, ID generation, and access control evaluation (49e72cb).

  • Changed the color of the alert for deleting a record from turquaz to yellow. The change was made to better fit the Corteza UI (1634).

  • Changed delimiter class for multi value fields to show values into new lines instead of spaces. The change was made to be consistent with the rest of Corteza UI (d82c5e6).

  • Changed how sorting looks across webapps to match the UI in Low Code. The change was made to standardize how sorting looks in all webapps (1634).

  • Removed social feed block from Low Code block selector (e9bf3d0).

  • Removed deprecated code from messagebus (0346f90).

  • Fixed mapObject undefined error in the developer console in Reporter when navigating to another page (db2bdf3).

  • Fixed hardcoded year value on server (3bb5dd9).

  • Fixed search bar changing its width while it’s being used (9629b83).

  • Fixed not being abel to create records that have a single digit record selector field (c11165e).

  • Fixed newly added sub-workflows failing to execute with a not found error. The fix was made by properly updating internal indexes (405ab13).

  • Fixed undefined namespaceID when viewing list of namespaces (1603).

  • Fixed permissions modal not properly evaluating already selected roles/users (1603).

  • Fixed incorrect evaluation of Low Code permissions (1603).

  • Fixed unnecessary triggering of unsaved changes when a field is empty and hasn’t been edited (d614a00).

  • Fixed not being able to switch aggregation operation when defining new metric (f6d3702).

  • Fixed page layout switching to default configuration after preforming toolbar actions for a record (1655).

  • Fixed unable to save a record if it’s present in multiple layouts and inline editing of record list is enabled (1655).

  • Fixed Low Code permissions set in Admin not displayed correctly in the Low Code app (1633).

  • Fixed invalid prop console error when editing a user or record field (1675).

  • Fixed created at field showing 0 instead of user id in Admin for federation node, workflows, message queues, and auth clients resources (96f7da8).


Released on: 2023.12.22

  • Added the options to export, enable, disable, a workflow using the actions menu in Workflow. The change was added to provide the user with an easier way to interact with a workflow without having to open it (1583).

  • Added interpolation to block titles and descriptions, IFrame block url, Automation block button labels, Content block body and metric block transformation functions. The change was added to allow the user to use record and other variables in relevant places (1590).

  • Changed error message when saving a record with a workflow to include meta data about the issue. The change was made to provide the user with more information about the issue and how to resolve it (1571).

  • Changed default module duplication detection rules to be empty instead of populated with an empty constraint. The change was made to improve performance for all modules and improve UX readability (1586).

  • Fixed charts breaking when y-axis or both timeline chart options are selected while minimum and/or maximum y-axis values are set (1584).

  • Fixed not able to export a namespace because it contains reference of deleted resource translations (1d54026).

  • Fixed DAL schema alterations generating incorrect attribute identifiers when attempting to alter to column. The fix was made taking attribute store codec into account when generating DDL queries (3e1d7bd).

  • Fixed record revisions not saving after resolving DAL schema alterations involving the corresponding record revision schema. The fix was made by properly presenting, processing, and reloading all relevant models (33821dd).

  • Fixed changing module field store encoding type breaking the module from storing or presenting any data (33821dd).

  • Fixed drill down filter linked to a record list not being overwritten when a new drill down filter is added (33821dd).


Released on: 2023.12.01

  • Added the options to clone and copy a page block within a tabbed page block. The change was added to provide an easier way to clone and copy tabbed page blocks (1527).

  • Added a dropdown to select the number of items to be displayed per page in a list of resources. The change was added to provide the user with the option to select how many resources can be displayed per page (1534).

  • Changed the error message to be more verbose when user includes invalid or missing record input required values in a workflow function. The change was made to provide a clearer message on what and where the issue is (1571).

  • Fixed misconfigured tabs page block broke how the tabs block was shown (1569).

  • Fixed triggering of unsaved changes message after user adds an additional metric to generic chart and saves the chart (1572).

  • Fixed module field label and description shown on the same line when viewing a record on a public page (1576).

  • Fixed module fields hint and description toggled on for edit modes when updating field translations (1578).

  • Fixed adding of a new value when trying to edit an existing geometry value via map in a record (1577).


Released on: 2023.11.08

  • Added a Back button to navigate to previous page block modal when viewing or editing a tabbed page block. The change was added to provide the user with an easier way to go back in a modal (1448).

  • Added an option in the record list configurator for admins to enable end users to pick the number of records to be shown in a record list. After the option is enabled, the user can select a number from the record list dropdown. The change was added to allow end users to configure how many records per page are to be shown (1450).

  • Added a delete button in the page icon configurator modal with which a user can remove an uploaded icon. The change was added to provide the option to remove an uploaded icon (1379).

  • Added a Save as copy button to create a copy of a module or chart. The change was added to allow users to easily copy the functionality of a module or chart (1468).

  • Added an option to create a custom color scheme in the chart color scheme dropdown. The change was added to give the user the freedom to make a custom color scheme (1467).

  • Added buttons for removing and modifying a tabbed page block next to the block name. The change was added to provide an easier way of editing or deleting a tabbed page block (1416).

  • Added unsaved changes warning message when modifying a record and trying to navigate to a different page. The change was added to prevent losing changes that haven’t been saved yet (1367).

  • Added support for Corteza to automatically manage and change the underlying database when storing records. The change was added to simplify the process of using dedicated and customized storage locations for your records since manual intervention, for most cases, is no longer needed (bc92320, 0695eb7, 4224ba9, b86f67c, 1eb360f, 2bcf86e).

  • Added an option to create a custom button for a record page in its page layout configurator that will be present when viewing the page layout. The change was added to provide the user with the option to create a custom button (1484).

  • Added an icon containing an exclamation mark to a page block toolbar indicating that the concrete page block is used in another page layout. The change was added to mark a page block that is already used in another page layout (1495).

  • Added the option to change the default colors of Corteza applications in Admin. The change was added to provide the user with more freedom to style Corteza (1469).

  • Added a rounded circle icon that marks a configuration option as performance impacting. The change was added to mark which features would impact the performance of an application (1490).

  • Added a spinner to delete and un-delete buttons while a resource is being deleted or un-deleted. The change was added to show the user the current state of the delete or un-delete process (1464).

  • Changed the Corteza Low Code admin page navigation to keep the user on the page builder or page edit whenever switching pages as well as keeping the user on show all records when switching modules. The change was made to provide a more intuitive way to navigate between Low Code resources (1457).

  • Changed the form structure to better support mobile users in Admin. The change was made to provide a better UI and UX for mobile users (1253).

  • Changed page blocks to refresh in case the underlying data was modified by a different page block on the same page. The change was made to keep all page blocks showing related data in sync (1435).

  • Changed general ui/ux improvements:

    • Improved header button layout for topbar navigation and resource list items

    • Adjusted position of x button in search bar to always appear on the right side

    • Added a standardized submit button across all web applications to make UI consistent and code maintaining easier

    • Unnecessary vertical and horizontal scrolling of resource list parent component in Admin

    • Header buttons in resource editing view were partially/completely hidden if more than two were displayed in Admin

    • Longer labels in resource editing view appeared under their input fields in Admin (1489, dcc541d, 1451, 1253).

  • Fixed namespace export erroring out with an invalid reference error whenever we’re referring to deleted resources. The fix was made by ignoring missing references and exporting/importing regardless of missing references This should be expanded and improved upon in a future release (dc54b55).

  • Fixed nothing happening when trying to copy a page block (a7331b0).

  • Fixed triggering of unsaved changes message after user wants to delete a modified resource like a page, namespace, module or chart (1466).