Resource Translations

A resource translation is any piece of Corteza Low Code content which is defined by an administrator when configuring the Corteza instance.

Resource translations differ from instance to instance so the standard static translation flow does not apply here.

Resource translations are module names, Low Code page titles, and namespace names.

Refer to static translations to learn how to translate static content.

Customize resource translations

Some resources do not support resource translations. Generally, only the resources accessible by end-users support resource translations.

The resource translations user interface can be accessed by clicking on the language language solid button when editing the resource that supports this feature.

Annotated image

When you click on the language language solid button, a popup presents the resource translation editor user interface.

Annotated image

Supporting new languages

To add a new language, open up the resource translation editor user interface and click on the add language button.

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Click on the language you wish to add and it will appear in the resource translation editor.

The language must be defined in the .env before it can be used here. Refer to the DevOps guide on how to register new languages.

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