Duplicate Detection

Corteza through the duplicate detection feature helps maintain clean and accurate data by preventing record duplication. This is achieved by using rules to apply a criterion that determines how closely a field on a new or modified record matches the same field on an existing record.

The user interface displays a warning or an error message to alert the user of an existing record with identical field values within a module, hence preventing the creation of duplicates.

Benefits of using Corteza duplicate detection:
  • Enhancing data accuracy and efficiency.

  • Enhancing effective description of records.

  • Maintaining data quality.

  • Optimizes data storage.

Duplicate Detection Rules

The duplicate detection feature is enabled by using validation duplicate detection rules on a module. The rules ensure that no duplicate values are recorded while creating or modifying a record by ensuring that the designated fields do not have the same values.

Duplicate detection validation can be configured using two rules:

Strict duplicate validation rule

This rule ensures that a record will not be saved when a duplicate value is detected in the selected fields in any existing record of this module.

When the Strict duplicate value validation rule is applied, a pop-up error message indicating the existence of a record with identical values will appear in the bottom right corner of the screen..

Annotated image

Soft duplicate validation rule

This rule allows the saving of a record but displays a warning message when a duplicate value is identified, indicating that a record with identical field values already exists within the module.

When Soft duplicate value validation is applied, the pop-up warning message is displayed on the bottom right side of the screen.

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Enabling duplication detection validation rules

Validation rules can be enabled when creating new modules or when exiting modules.

  1. Navigate to your Low Code namespace.

  2. Select an existing module or create a new module.

  3. On the specified module, navigate to the validation tab.

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There are two sections containing the two validation rules, which are the strict duplicate value validation and the soft duplicate value validation. Each value validation rule consists of two columns, Available fields on the left and Selected fields on the right.

only one duplication detection validation rule can be applied on a record field at a time.

Select a field from the list of available fields by clicking on it.

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When a field is selected, it is moved to the selected field column to indicate that the validation rule has been applied.

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You can remove the validation rule on a record field by unselecting it, and it will be moved back to the available fields column.