DevNote: Add some insight in debugging failing scripts.

Why is it that s script is not valid?

An automation script is valid when:
  • it is defined in a .js file,

  • located under client-scripts or server-scripts,

  • defines an export default {…​},

  • defines at least one valid trigger,

  • defines a security context in case the script is a sink or deferred,

  • conforms to the script signature.

In case of a client-script, make sure that the file structure is appropriate.

Why can’t I see my scripts?

Check whether:
  • the Corredor container has access to the extension, either via an existing volume, or a new volume.

  • you’ve uploaded your source files to your server,

  • you’ve reloaded your containers.

When registering a new volume, you must use docker-compose up -d

When using an existing volume, you can use docker-compose restart