System settings

The majority of system configuration, which affects how the system behaves, is performed on the deployment-level.

Refer to the DevOps Guide for details.

User interfaces

The role management user interface resides in the Corteza Admin web application, under:

  • system  settings

  • system  email settings

  • compose  settings

  • user interface  settings

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System settings

System settings are located under system  settings in the left navigation menu.

System settings allow you to configure internal and external authentication, as well as multi factor authentication and different authentication flows.

You can disable internal sign-up and manually add users that are allowed to access your system.

Refer to the External Authentication Providers for details on how to configure external providers.

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Email settings

Email settings are located under system  email settings in the left navigation menu.

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The email settings interface allows you to configure SMTP servers for sending emails from Corteza. Please consult your email services provider for SMTP server information (host, port, user, password).

Diagnostics and additional information in case of misconfiguration are only available in the server logs.

In case of any TLS/certificate issues you can adjust the server name for the TLS check or disable checking and allow use of invalid certificates.

Initial settings are copied from the SMTP_* environmental variables. Corteza logs a warning in case you keep the environmental variables and make changes to either variables or settings.

Open your administration panel and navigate to System  Email settings.

Screenshot of the configuration window.
Figure 1. The screenshot shows the SMTP server settings in the administration panel under.
  • Provide the required server name and port and optional username and password. Changes are applied immediately and do not require server restart.

Low Code settings

Low Code settings are located under compose  settings in the left navigation menu. Low Code settings allow you to configure general attachment settings, such as the maximum size and allow lists.

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User interface settings

User interface settings are located under user interface  settings in the left navigation menu. User interface settings allow you to configure the main and icon logos that Corteza applications would use.

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