You are reading the documentation for an outdated Corteza release. 2023.9 is the latest stable Corteza release.

Release archive


Corteza Server

  • Central importing and exporting subsystem "Envoy" with capabilities to resolve conflicts, dependencies and tak in various data formats.

  • Provisioning (based on Envoy) now allows full customization of content to be provisioned.

  • Field value expressions (formula fields, custom validators).

  • Resource labels (key-value meta data for filtering and tagging resource with arbitraty strings).

  • Frontend web applications can now be served directly from server (reduces number of containers).

  • API documentation (now as OpenAPI 3) is now served directly from server.

  • Upgrade to go v1.15.

  • Simplified architecture and internal cross-service comm (no more support for spearated builds for system, messaging and compose).

  • Error creation and handling now allows more verbosity and detail in dev and production mode.

  • Cleanup codegen tools and unified all codegen under one package and single strategy.

  • Replaced rebuild-on-change dev tool (realize) with gin (

  • Replace internal node.js dev tools for reloading (where not gin) with fswatch.

  • Moved and refactored RBAC package (was "permissions").

  • Rewritten store (repository) layer for flexibility.

  • Add support for PostgreSQL and MySQL.

  • SQLite3 in-memory replaces MySQL as a default database Corteza.

  • Removed organizations data structures, references and (db) tables.

  • Ported pkg/rh to pkg/filters, removed obsolete "repository-handler" code.

  • Moved from SQL based database migrations to code-based migrations.

  • Replace offset with key-based pagination.

  • Experimental support for federated compose records.

  • Experimental support for SCIM protocol.

Database tables (*_settings, *_permissions, sys_*) are renamed, merged and/or removed. Database schema upgrade is irreversible. Make sure you backup your data before doing an upgrade.

  1. Denis Arh

  2. Tomaž Jerman

  3. Jože Fortun

  4. Peter Grlica

  5. Urban Klinc


Version Description Contributors


Stability and performance update.

  1. Jože Fortun

  2. Denis Arh

  3. Peter Grlica


Corteza Server



  • Mail/smtp improvements: default sender, TSL, healthcheck).

  • External authentication fixed (due to initialization order).

  • Improve setting value decoding & conversion that caused crashes on startup.

  • Use gin for server reloading (dev-env, replacement for realize tool).

  • First step in migration to OpenAPI, server API docs under /docs.

  • Improve buildtime/version information.

  • Add support for user impersonation.

  • Allow in-path signature for sink.

  • Severity on actions & errors (actionlog definitions) tweaked.

  • Various importer fixes and improvements.

  • Various record input sanitization fixes.

  • Optimize database transaction settings and use.

  • Add health check service & API endpoints.

  • Compose config importer/exporter fixed & improved (fields, charts, moduel resolving).

  • More flexible actionlog configuration, added logging policies.

  • Fix page reordering on the root node.

  • Upgrade all provisioned config, "Service Cloud" renamed to "Case Management".

  • All *after events are no longer async; service waits for results.

  1. Denis Arh

  2. Tomaž Jerman

  3. Jože Fortun

Corteza Web applications (clients)

Low Code changes:
  • Add missing error fields.

  • File upload/preview component fixes.

  • Number field formatter fixes.

  • Pagination for user & record fields.

Admin changes:
  • Fixes for auditlog, application editor.

  • Improve automation script listing.

  1. Denis Arh

  2. Tomaž Jerman

  3. Jože Fortun

Corteza extensions

Corteza Service Cloud:
  • Rename to Case Management.

Corteza CRM:
  • Improve campaigns to keep track of related leads, contacts, accounts, all opportunities, won opportunities and the aggregated opportunity amount.

  • Update lead and account conversion buttons to keep track of the associated campaigns.

  • Improve account - create new contact button to redirect to the created contact in edit mode.

  • Improve account - create new case button to redirect to the created case in edit mode.

  • Remove quote - submit for approval and quote - approve buttons.

  1. Lenny Horstink

  2. Jože Fortun

  3. Tomaž Jerman

  4. Denis Arh


Corteza Server

  • Refactored how application (server, cli tools) is started to allow more modular service initialization.

  • Improved security when using Corteza CLI.

  • Improved input handling when managing settings from CLI.

  • Improved automation script triggering with eventbus package.

  • Improved scheduled & deferred automation with scheduler package.

  • Upgraded all internal automation logic.

  • Added code generator for events.

  • Implemented event triggering (through eventbus) on, before and after all core points (resource creation, update, delete, login etc).

  • More robust automation script triggering through REST API endpoints.

  • Cleanup, refactor application options.

  • Added tools that allow exporting of old automation scripts.

  • Added ability to serve frontend code bundles.

  • Routed sink & mail events via new eventbus.

  • Added client/server certificates for gRPC (experimental).

  • Allowed automation scripts to return full response objects (body, headers) on sink requests.

  • Supported bulk record removal.

  • Used cortezaproject/corteza-ext instead of cortezaproject/corteza-config for initial provisioning.

  • Full implementation of record value sanitization and filtering for all field types.

  • Enabled (previously experimental) private data (user’s email & name) masking.

  • Record exporting now includes system fields.

  • Improve stability (db, concurrent processes).

  • Better support for timezones.

  • Action (audit) log.

  • Support signature-in-path for sink endpoint.

  • Upgrade to go 1.14.

  1. Denis Arh

  2. Tomaž Jerman

Corteza Corredor Automation Server

  • Ported to TypeScript.

  • Added ability to bundle (via webpack) frontend scripts on the fly.

  • Scripts (code) is no longer transferd over the wire but stored on filesystem accessible by Corteza.

  • Restructured scripts (wraped in a method) to allow (unit) testing.

  • Added ability to install dependencies (through yarn) on the fly.

  • Improved ability to capture log output from scripts.

  • Added ability to load (3rd party) scripts as extensions and overload them if needed.

  • Improved input/output data encode/decode procedures.

  1. Denis Arh

  2. Peter Grlica

  3. Tomaž Jerman

Corteza Web applications (clients)

General changes:
  • Split corteza-webapp-common to corteza-vue and corteza-js and port most of the code to TypeScript.

  • Various minor UI improvements on all frontend clients.

  • Added support for new automation scripts on clients.

  • Added support for UI hooks (placeholders for buttons, generated from manual automation scripts).

Low Code changes:
  • Added ability to clone records.

  • Refactored page blocks & module field components.

  • Improved page grid rendering and UI.

  • Improved client-side record value validation.

  • Improved record-list block, add support for (multi) selection.

  • Improve page-block selector on page builder.

  • Mayor performance improvements (through Object.freeze).

  • Chart improvements, support for funnel and gauge types.

  • More powerful record list block.

  • Added Metric page block.

  • Added record browser tool for admins.

  1. Denis Arh

  2. Tomaž Jerman

  3. Jože Fortun

  4. Peter Grlica

  5. Mia Arh