You are reading the documentation for an outdated Corteza release. 2023.9 is the latest stable Corteza release.

Platform Developer Guide

The platform developer guide covers the process of developing on the core Corteza platform components.

The guide is designed for the core Corteza maintainers as well as open source contributors.

In case you wish to learn more about low-code app development, refer to the Low-Code Platform Developer Guide

GitHub repositories

Corteza defines the classic front-end back-end architecture where the core components are split into separate repositories.

Core back-end components:
Core front-end components:
Core front-end packages:

Component diagram

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Contribution checklist

All contributors should follow the contribution checklist to help maintain consistency and order as the project grows.

Table 1. The below table outlines the contribution checklist items:


Implement the bug fix, feature, or general improvement based on the GitHub issue tracker or own observations.

The implementation should be consistent with the rest of the component:

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External contributors must submit their addition as a pull request which must be reviewed by a core contributor.

Core contributors may provide their addition directly to the version branches, but should still request peer reviews for larger modifications.


Define all of the required tests; unit, integration, and manual testing. Any addition to the project should define at least the basic unit and integration tests to help assure system stability and ease future development.

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Document your work so other contributors, low-code platform developers, and end-users know about your addition.

Refer to the documentation documentation for details regarding producing documentation.

Where to next

To learn more on how to setup and develop for each component, refer to Corteza server, Web applications, corteza-js, or corteza-vue.

To learn more about our release cycle and how we release the product (how the code is compiled and how images are built), refer to the release cycle documentation.

To learn how to contribute to the documentation, refer to the documentation documentation.