You are reading the documentation for an outdated Corteza release. 2023.9 is the latest stable Corteza release.

Workflow processing

When your Integration gateway endpoint requires additional processing and the built-in processors do not suffice, you can bind a workflow to the endpoint to handle requests.

To bind a workflow to an Integration gateway route, you firstly need to properly configure the workflow, and then bind it to the route’s workflow processor.

Workflow configuration

If you wish for a workflow to be executable by the Integration gateway, the workflow must define a proper trigger.

To configure your workflow:
  1. Create a new workflow or edit an existent workflow. Refer to the workflow documentation for details.

  2. Assure that the workflow in question defines a trigger with the resource of System and an event of onManual.

DevNote add some examples.

Integration gateway route configuration

To bind a workflow to the Integration gateway endpoint:
  1. Create a new Integration gateway endpoint or edit an existing endpoint. Refer to the Integration gateway documentation for details.

  2. Add a workflow processor to the endpoint.

  3. Select the workflow you wish to bind from the dropdown in the modal window.

  4. Confirm the selection and press on the save button to update the endpoint.

DevNote add some examples.


To test if the Integration gateway route and the workflow are properly interacting, initiate an HTTP request using Postman or any other tool such as cURL.