You are reading the documentation for an outdated Corteza release. 2023.9 is the latest stable Corteza release.

Upgrade Guide

This guide will help you upgrade your Corteza to the newest version in no time!

While there are internal safeguards in place that can prevent data loss or other kinds of disasters, make sure you backup your database before you do an upgrade. Refer to devops guide on backup procedure for details.

If you are upgrading multiple versions at the same time; for example from 2019.12 to 2020.9; you should follow all the upgrade guides between the two versions.

Especially before any major version upgrade we recommend that before upgrading your production you either:
  • upgrade your staging environment, or

  • deploy a temporary environment with a copy of the production database and do a test upgrade there

Steps to upgrade Corteza when deployed with docker-compose
  1. changing image versions in your docker-compose.yaml (or .env) file,

  2. pull new images from docker hub with docker-compose pull,

  3. recreate containers with docker-compose up -d.

Upgrading to 2021.9

Docker image changes

Corteza changed how Docker images are structured from 2021.9 on.

If you were using cortezaproject/corteza-server to run server and web applications before 2021.9, you must switch to cortezaproject/corteza.

Docker image cortezaproject/corteza-server in 2021.9 should be used only as application server.