You are reading the documentation for an outdated Corteza release. 2023.9 is the latest stable Corteza release.

Corteza Server Web Console

The Corteza server web console provides a fast and easy way to inspect your system which can greatly simplify and speedup troubleshooting process.

The screenshot shows the {PRODUCT_NAME} server web console home page.
Figure 1. The screenshot shows the Corteza server web console home page.

When enabled, the web console is available at https://{BASE_URL}/console (for example https://corteza.domain.tld/console)

The Corteza server web console exposes details and configuration about your server and Corteza itself. Make sure to keep it safe behind strong credentials.


When running in development mode (by setting the ENVIRONMENT=dev .env variable), the web console is enabled and open to everyone.

The web console can explicitly be enabled by setting the HTTP_SERVER_WEB_CONSOLE_ENABLED=true .env variable.

The web console doesn’t implement the standard security model. Anyone with the required credentials may access the web console.

The web console access credentials can be controlled by setting the HTTP_SERVER_WEB_CONSOLE_USERNAME and HTTP_SERVER_WEB_CONSOLE_PASSWORD .env variables.

Accessing logs

To access server logs, navigate to the web console by accessing https://{BASE_URL}/console and navigating to the logs tab. The logs display the latest 10240 entries.

The screenshot shows the log viewer.
Figure 2. The screenshot shows the log viewer.